Our personalized medicine will radically transform health care because each human body is unique.We work with the doctors to ofer you a sophisticated cannabis medicine, illuminating the astonishing biochemical variations that make every human body unique.

Instead of grouping patients into broad desease categories and generalized treatment options, our precision medicine aims to tailor prevention, diagnosis and treatment to a person's unique biochemical composition.


Canabidiol Gold Oil leaves nature straight to your home, being a 100% natural product. Our commitment is to the health, quality of life and well being of each one of us.

Our oil is produced in a handmade way, which guarantees the integrity and quality of our products. Our greatest satisfaction is to be able to provide a better quality of life to all, seeking to reach the greatest number of people with everything that nature has to offer us.It is worth mentioning that our products have the USDA Organic seal proving the quality of our products and the seriousness of our work.


Bella Botanicals, the California-based oil manufacturer, has an industry-leading quality control system. All our products are analyzed by three (3) sectors / parts of laboratories: cannabinoid potency, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, heavy metals, microbial content and microtoxins (mold).

Our team is composed of chemical engineers of supercritical fluid extraction from Co2, technical experts, with experience in feasibility studies, research and development of business processes. Over 30 years experience in Co2 Super Critical, Alcohol Extraction & Column Chromatography.

Institute of Pharmaceutical Grade: R & D, Pilot Processing; formulation, mixing, chromatography, refined separation, lyophilization, vacuum drying and spray drying.